SafeEntry Update

Sports and fitness businesses must update their business addresses associated with each venue in their respective SafeEntry accounts.  

As we gradually resume community and economic activities, MOH is taking a more targeted contact tracing approach to prevent large clusters via localised ringfencing of people who were possibly exposed to C+ cases. For example, when MOH detects a possible cluster, individuals who had been to higher-risk venues on the same day(s) as the C+ cases may be notified, and informed of the appropriate next steps.

For this to be done effectively, the address for each SafeEntry venue needs to be accurate. Currently, some addresses registered to the venues often do not corroborate with the physical address of the actual venue itself (e.g. there are instances where the HQ office address, or owner’s residential address is reflected instead). There are also cases where all the branches of a business are associated with the same address, when they in fact have different physical addresses.

This inaccurate address data makes it challenging and time-consuming to look up the individuals who had checked in to the venues associated with the location that the C+ cases had been to, reducing the speed and effectiveness of MOH’s ringfencing efforts. We need to ensure that the SafeEntry App IDs are unique to each physical premise and are correctly associated with the address of the physical premise.

Action Point for Fitness & Wellness Businesses

In order to address this, business owners can refer to the below PDF guides in order to verify, and update their business address associated with each App ID via the SafeEntry Business App or Web App. Alternatively, businesses may update via the Singpass portal. Detailed steps for this are laid out in Section 4 of the SafeEntry QR user guide. Please update your particulars as soon as possible. The steps are found in these downloadable PDFs.